Research and Development Expertise

Leading-edge science and discovery - unlocking the human microbiome


The APC is a world class research centre focussing on the human microbiome across all stages of development, from infant to elderly. Founded in 2003, the centre has received over €50m of government and industrial support in the first 10 years of existence. AH is the founding industry partner for the APC with first option to microbiome derived IP generated during this time. As preferred partner, AH has a long track record of productive collaboration with some the leading probiotic researchers in the world.


The APC  has world renowned expertise in microbiology, immunology, gastroenterology, psychiatry, pharmacology, neuroscience, food science, nutrition, biochemistry, medical microbiology, pharmacy, radiology and pathology. In recognition of its success, it has received a further €50m of government and industrial support for the next 6 years.



SIAF is part of the Swiss Research Institutes for High Altitude Climate and Medicine Davos foundation (SFI) and is associated with the University of Zürich. SIAF performs applied and basic research in the field of allergies and asthma and has had a significant impact with greater than 30’000 citations of its publications. Core areas of research include immunology, molecular immunology, dermatology, molecular allergology and vaccine development.

AH and SIAF were part of a collaborative “Marie Curie” FP7 EU network to develop novel immune-regulatory molecules from the 35624® strain.