Iams Launches Prostora

Alimentary Health Ltd announces that its licensing partner, P&G Pet Care, the maker of Iams Veterinary Formulas, has launched Prostora(TM) Max, a new probiotic supplement for dogs.

Prostora(TM) Max will use Alimentary Health and P&G's co-developed patent pending probiotic strain, Bifidobacterium animalis, which helps nutritionally managed digestive upsets, such as diarrheoa and helps maintain digestive health in dogs. Prostora(TM) Max will be available through veterinarians, initially in the U.S. According to a recent Euromonitor report, the North American dog and cat food market (excluding treats) is valued at $14.7 billion and growing at 9% per annum. Alimentary Health will receive an undisclosed royalty on sales of all products containing Prostora(TM) Max. "Probiotics are a new standard in nutritional health for restoring intestinal flora balance, improving digestive function and aiding in the relief of diarrhea" said Amy Dicke, DUM, Technical Services Veterinarian at P&G Pet Care.

Dr. Barry Kiely, CEO of Alimentary Health, commented: "Today's announcement comes as a result of our continued successful collaboration with P&G. We are pleased that our ongoing efforts have once again resulted in Alimentary Health's technology making it to the market place."