New Alflorex® Team to Detail Dietitians in the UK

February 19, 2016

Alimentary Health
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Healthcare industry specialists, Apodi, have been contracted to detail dieticians in the UK market.

A specially trained force of representatives have already begun to visit dietitians in the UK since the beginning of December 2015.

Recalling the experience from Ireland, dietitians in the UK have urged the company to detail their colleagues in a bid to ensure as many dietary professionals as possible understand how the product works and how easy it is for patients to use…

“This was something that came from a groundswell of dietitian opinion “ says UK Business Development Director, David Kendall “dietary professionals in the UK had heard of their Irish colleagues’ success with using the product in therapy, and asked us to spread the word .”

The company has appointed, healthcare representatives, Apodi to visit the dietitian community in the UK who are keen to add the product to their toolbox and trial it with their patients.

Alimentary Health’s Technical Director Dr Eileen Murphy adds:

“It has been a great pleasure to meet with dietitians in the UK, their enthusiasm for the idea of a targeted PrecisionBiotic®, such as the 35624™ culture, has been really encouraging. With the Apodi rep force we should be able to reach more dietitians in 2016 and support their interest and trial of Alflorex®.”