Science Officer


The Alimentary Health Group is recruiting for a Scientific Officer to support the science associated with its successful Alflorex® product range, as well as future products in development for its PrecisionBiotics brand. Alimentary Health (AH) is an innovative Irish healthcare company and a global pioneer in discovery, development and commercialisation of proprietary probiotic and pharmabiotic treatments. AH's mission is to develop clinically supported probiotic healthcare and nutritional products that health professionals can believe in and feel confident to recommend.

The successful applicant will be part of the Technical Team and work closely with R&D as well as the marketing and sales teams.





  • Provide scientific information and educational support such as training

  • Own the science communications process for Health Care Professionals

  • Work with Marketing and Sales to produce high quality materials for consumers and Health Care Professionals and ensure they meet our regulatory and compliance standards.

  • Support scientific activities at conferences or meetings.

  • Provide support for design and supervision of clinical research studies input to design of research/clinical studies projects and regulatory documents.

  • Communicate scientific information to Healthcare Professionals in both group and individual settings to address their specific needs 

  • Monitor scientific literature and provide scientific advice across all departments.  

  • Support assessment of emerging research and/or ingredients and provide substantiation for health claims. 



Qualifications, Experience and Skills:


  • Life Science degree. PhD in Nutritional Sciences or Microbiology, Registered dietitian, Pharm D, or MD preferred.

  • Experience in life sciences industry (3 years +) an advantage (Nutrition, Medical Devices or Pharma) with strengths in Medical & Regulatory Affairs or as a Scientific Advisor.

  • Cross functional team player, energetic, results-orientated, flexible and comfortable with frequent change. A determined, effective self-starter with excellent communication skills and initiative, capable of making a strong impact quickly.

  • Attention to detail in creation and review of clinical and scientific documentation.

  • Able to communicate data to Healthcare Professionals and consumers in a clear, easy to understand manner 

  • Strong analytical, organisational and project management skills.

  • Ability to work independently within the context of multidisciplinary external and internal teams.

  • Excellent presentation skills. Ability to clearly and convincingly communicate new ideas, concepts, issues and successes.



Remuneration Package:


An attractive remuneration package will be made available to the right candidate.


If you enjoy a challenge and believe you can add real value to our dynamic team, then we would be delighted to hear from you. Please send your CV along with a cover letter to on or before 16th June.  

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