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Alimentary Health Ltd. is an innovative Irish healthcare company and a global pioneer in discovery, development and commercialisation of proprietary microbiome based and pharmabiotic treatments.



Clinically Studied.

Introducing Alflorex®, a new proprietary range of products. Alflorex now available in leading Irish pharmacies. 



Introducing the 3rd Generation of bacterial strains and derivatives... PrecisionBiotic™ cultures based on the latest microbiome research.


The home of PrecisionBiotic™ cultures- Targeted action to deliver benefit where it is needed.

About Alimentary Health

Alimentary Health (AH) is focused on developing clinically supported microbiome based healthcare and nutritional products that health professionals can believe in.

AH is an international business centred on targeting indications and exploiting applications arising using its core bacterial strains and derivatives.



In 1999, a pioneering group of leading academics and medical professionals from the Departments of Microbiology, Medicine and Food Science at University College Cork came together to start a company that would make a real impact in delivering the therapeutic promise of bacteria found in the human gut microbiome.

From an initial vision in digestive health, their belief in the potential of bacterial cultures quickly grew to other areas where inflammation plays a primary role such as obesity, metabolic syndrome and cognitive function.


Our Advisors

Alimentary Health draws on the advice and counsel from some of the world’s most distinguished academics and scientists.


Proven health benefits – Unlocking the promise of the human microbiome


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